Your Key to a Successful Home Sale

We understand that selling a home is a monumental decision. You have likely made wonderful memories in your home, which can make it difficult pack up your whole life in a box and prepare your home for its next owners. But don't stress — we're here to help make this process as painless and easy as possible. Let's get started.

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What's Your Raleigh Home Worth?

Selling your home should be monetarily rewarding. After all, you've invested time and money into making this house your home. Ready to find out how much your property is worth? Tell us about your home and we'll tell you its value.

Have You Made Any Upgrades Recently?

If you've made renovations, updates, or additions to your home, your property might be worth more than you think! Fill out this questionnaire so we can take all of your home improvements into account.

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What to Do Before You Sell

Think back to when you first bought your Raleigh home. Maybe it was the view through the kitchen window, the beautiful fenced-in backyard, or the picture-perfect community that drew your attention. Now that you're selling your home, you should use the same emotional appeal to draw buyers to your home. These resources can help.

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Arm Yourself with the Best Resources

Knowing what to expect is the key to a stress-free home sale. Throughout our many years working with Raleigh homeowners, we've compiled a list of the resources that our clients have found the most helpful. Choose one to learn more about the home selling process.

Home Selling in 5 Steps

A real estate transaction has many moving parts, but you only have to focus on five things: pricing your home, choosing a REALTOR®, staging your home, offering buyer incentives, and getting a pre-inspection.

The Ultimate Seller's Guide

The Raleigh real estate market is always competitive and always changing. Luckily, you don't have to navigate it yourself. Ask us for your free Raleigh Home Selling Guide to learn what real estate pros know!

How's the Competition?

Your home's price isn't pulled from thin air. REALTORS® like us use the prices of similar homes to help clients sell for top dollar. Search the local listings database to find homes like yours that have recently sold.

Our Marketing at Work

Choosing a real estate agent is no easy task. Besides reading testimonials from past clients, looking at a REALTOR®'s featured listings is a great place to start your research. Take a peek at our marketing to learn more about us!

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Work with an Excellent Real Estate Team

Any agent can list a home, but the right REALTOR® will listen to your home selling goals, create a unique marketing plan for your home, answer all of your questions, and be your guide during the entire transaction.

Aimee Anderson & Associates is a team of trusted REALTORS® who serves the entire Raleigh-Durham area. We strive to provide excellence in real estate by offering personalized client service, a wealth of resources and advice, and up-to-the-minute knowledge of Raleigh real estate trends. Connect with us today and let's discuss your goals.

My husband and I have partnered with Aimee for the purchase and sale of three homes and throughout all five transactions, Aimee was by our side and had our back. — Kathy Guise