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In 2015, I left Re/Max after 20 years to join EXP realty and I stayed there until September of 2017. The entire two years that I was there, I was absolutely miserable. EXP offered so many great things for agents but the learning curve is quite time-consuming and took time away from making money and unless you were part of a team or a huge recruiter to generate passive income, you're basically just the lone agent on an island.

I was cheated and lied to by too many people and there were agents in that company I'd done business with in the past and they are not trustworthy, so EXP for me just wasn't a good fit. They don’t seem to check your reputation before they recruit you. I hesitated for over a year, trying to find reasons to stay. Eventually, I just started looking around and I noticed that Tom had left RE/MAX so I looked to see where he was and he was with Aimee. I didn't know Aimee had her own firm so I reached out to her and the rest is history.

I was thrilled to death that she accepted me to join her firm.  I just love working at AA&A.  She is an amazing person. I've worked from home since 1995 & I rarely see any other agents, but I don't feel like I'm all by myself anymore. And since September, I have sold more properties than the entire two years that I was with EXP.  Working in an environment of acceptance,  had a lot to do with that. Thank you, Aimee -  Dean Weaver Mueck

Hello, my name is Don Baucom. I retired from a career in law enforcement and decided to take a real estate course to learn more about residential real estate. That led to me obtaining my North Carolina license in 2014. I needed a Broker-In-Charge, so I called Aimee Anderson to see if she was interested in having a new agent. 

Aimee had been great showing my wife and I homes the year before. Aimee had just started her business, Aimee Anderson and Associates, Inc. not long before then. Aimee was very supportive and said yes. Aimee helped me grow my business without hesitation.  She is always, "Just a phone call away," but more importantly, she has the answers to the important questions.

Aimee is a "been there, done that agent". She is very knowledgeable of the market and an expert in marketing residential real estate. I have the highest respect for Aimee. I am very thankful for her mentoring me over the years. I have had many offers from other brokerage firms, but I have a home at Aimee Anderson & Associates and a great friend in Aimee. Don Baucom

I researched lots of firms before deciding to join Aimee Anderson & Associates, and I am glad I made the decision to join her team. Aimee is always willing to listen to any ideas her agents have and give you her input and advice. She is a responsive BIC, and genuinely cares for her agents and clients. Aimee offers weekly training which has been a tremendous help to me. The bonus is having zero fees per month and only a $500 fee per transaction. I am super happy and proud to be a part of her team member! - Nancy King

I've known Aimee for more than 4 years. Our daughters danced together, and we were friends long before I decided to try real estate. There are not many friends or family with whom I'd try to also do business - Aimee is unique in that. She's a consummate professional, can always be depended on to respond with support and help when needed, and is STILL my friend. She cares about people first; that's what makes her good at what she does, and that's why I choose to affiliate with Aimee Anderson & Associates. - Angela Darrow Flynn

I was a real estate agent in another state and relocated to The Raleigh area. I was looking to get away from the brick & mortar type companies and wanted a more personable and tight knit office. After speaking with a new friend in town; who was also in the real estate business, I was excited and intrigued to meet Aimee Anderson. 

From the first time I met Aimee I felt like I was sitting with an good friend I’d known forever! She is smart as a whip and has a funny sense of humor and a keen eye for this business. Aimee eats, sleeps, and loves all things Real Estate. 

She will take you under her wing and let you fly. She always seems available to help by text or phone and can help navigate any situation. To top hinges off you not only get her decades of experience and name being you, but she also charges a low commission per deal which is unheard if in this business. Give Aimee a call if your looking to switch offices or new to the business and see for yourself what a one of a kind gem she and her company are! -  Brandy Nemergut

Excellence in Real Estate! That’s what you get when you affiliate yourself with Aimee and our team of outstanding professional brokers at Aimee Anderson and Associates. 

Aimee is the best Broker in Charge in town, hands down! She brings with over 17 years of top-notch real estate experience and was deemed in the Top 100 Agents in NC. Some of her other accolades include awards for Top 5% Buyer’s Agent and Top 5% Sells for More. It’s not just about the stats and accomplishments but more so about the relationship, training, and mentorship that are most valuable for new agents and Aimee cares. She is highly passionate about the business and the brokers she supervises and works with daily. Aimee is always on the ready answering the beckon calls for all her Provisional Brokers and even her well experience agents. 

Let me share my experience. My name is Dave Mangual. I am not a native North Carolinian. I was originally from New York City. I left there to join the United States Air Force when I was 19 and retired after serving 24 years. In my time in the service, duty strayed me away from having the feasibility to practice real estate as a profession. I did however managed completing three colligate business degrees and was presented with a plethora of times to successfully mentor people, but it wasn’t enough. I have always had the burning fire about the Real Estate profession and been that way since I was 17 years of age. Now being retired from the military, my focus has shifted. By the grace of God, I have been granted the opportunity in passing the arduous licensure process for the NC Real Estate Commission and am a Full Broker. 

As a new agent, I shared your same level of anxiety not knowing where to start in the business or what firm to associate with. I went for the Name Brand and joined a huge firm. First mistake! Now, this may work for some but for me, it wasn't practical.

For me, it boiled down to two things. First was having quality mentorship and valuable training and secondly the versatility to run my business the way I wanted to; not the corporate way. These are some huge factors you will need to decide whether you are a rookie or a seasoned agent.

If you hang your license at Aimee Anderson and Associates, you will not be disappointed. Some additional things to highlight. No monthly dues, no call duty, and no commission splits; only pay a fee for every completed transaction. Best of all, you get to work with the most amazing broker in charge, Aimee Anderson. So don’t waste time when time is money! Join our team and see Aimee now! – Dave Mangual


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