Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Statement

I have a vested interest in your success.  When you are successful, I am successful. I lead by example and my results reflect my commitment to excellence.

Who does the training?

Aimee has non mandatory meeting once a week.  The firm hired a Real Estate coach that has non mandatory meetings 3 times a week.

Why do people stay with Aimee Anderson & Associates?

Great work culture feels like family.  Agent support, latest and great technology. Wealth building strategies

What should I expect on a weekly basis?

Agent training and agent coaching.  Wealth building

Does Aimee Anderson & Associates keep up with technology?

Aimee has the latest and greatest tools to make you stand out from the competition

How will I feel supported with Aimee Anderson & Associates?

Aimee is available 24/7.  The firm has an assistant to help with onboarding, technical issues, social media, branding and visual content. 

Does the firm have aids to get listings on the market?

The firm has aligned with a professional sign company, photographer, and measurement firm to make your listing look fantastic.  (These services are not required but available for hire)

Is there a closing coordinator?

Yes, the firm has, for hire, a closing coordinator who has years of experience and excellent reviews

Does the firm provide leads?

Yes, the firm does a round robin approach to distribute leads.  The agent coaching on how to get leads is taught by one of the best coaches in America.  Aimee also lets agents do open houses on her listings for buyer generation

What about signs, look boxes, open house signs?

There is a conveniently located storage unit that houses all materials needed for listings

How quickly can I get my commission check?

Once the firm has received the commission check from the attorney, your check is cut the same day

Since there is no office, how is there communication?

We have a private Facebook Group Page, text message group and email

I just want to hang my license, I do not intend to sell a lot, is that ok?

Yes, the firm is here to facilitate and accommodate any agent

I am a PB, does the firm hire PB’s?

Yes, Aimee likes to get PB’s so she can help them lay the foundation to becoming a great agent


Questions? Just Ask!

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