Are you tired of giving so much of your hard-earned commission to your broker or feel like office dues and fees are draining your bank account?  Maybe you're just tired of time-consuming meetings and not feeling like you can run your real estate business the way you see fit.
I am passionate about real estate and work hard towards having a handle on my agents' wants, needs, and expectations early on and work hard to ensure that my agents and I are working towards the same goals. 
At Aimee Anderson & Associates there is: 

  • No Monthly Dues
  • No Commission Splits
  • No Multi-Level Marketing
  • No Tier Structure
  • No Equipment Required
  • No Paid Coaching

What Aimee Anderson & Associates Provide:

Support Time Fast Commission Check Turn-Around Time
One-on-one training Open House Opportunities
Group Training Web Presence
Freedom to run your business the way you see fit Buyer Leads
No phone time No weekly meetings
Online form access The first pack of business cards (250 ct)
Error & Omission Insurance Highly respectable name in the business
Signs & Lockboxes Vendor Resources

Commission Split:

There is no high commission-split. Simply pay a $500 transaction fee.

Sound enticing yet?  

I'd love to discuss how you want to run your business, and see if I can help you keep more money in your pocket.  Give me a call and let's schedule a time to meet for lunch or coffee. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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