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The goal of Aimee Anderson & Associates is to provide you, the sales associate, with a business environment that will allow you to thrive.  Unlike other real estate brokers, Aimee Anderson will not bury you with endless monthly fees.  On the contrary, Aimee Anderson will keep your fees and commissions as low as possible so you can keep your hard-earned money, and so you can effectively market yourself and obtain listings and buyers.  Aimee Anderson & Associates will give you the leeway to run your business the way you see fit.  Aimee Anderson will not require you to use specific vendors (lenders and attorneys).  Instead, Aimee Anderson will provide you with a list of suggested vendors, but you will always be free to use the professionals you see fit.  Aimee Anderson will regularly notify you of pertinent information such as form/paperwork changes, new rules or new regulations.  Aimee Anderson & Associates will always be there to support you with your business needs, including advice with marketing, listing presentations and vendor selection. 

Aimee Anderson & Associates cannot succeed unless you succeed.  That is why Aimee Anderson wants you to thrive and to become the top real estate salesperson in whatever neighborhood or community you choose to market.  No crazy tier system, just a one time transaction fee of 500.00. 

Lastly, Aimee Anderson & Associates strives to be a real estate firm that you will be proud to be associated with.  With many years of experience in the Triangle Area, Aimee Anderson has seen what works and what does not work with real estate firms.   Some firms try to entice you with low fees, but the commissions are equally low.  Others try to justify their outrageously high fees with high commissions, but that only works when sales are good.  Aimee Anderson believes in a new approach:  Aimee Anderson believes in rewarding you for your hard work, but not in punishing you when times are tough.  Aimee Anderson will go the extra mile to help you succeed and prosper in today’s real estate world!

- Aimee Anderson

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